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File:Igor Vlasov.jpg|thumb|Moscow Deep tech/house producer Russian music producer and live PA was born in 1980 in Volgograd. From early age he started interesting in music, but didn't try to make his own music that time. Igor's career began with creation of "Squid Project" (further renamed into SPC), which was initially focused on music genres such as: deep house, jazzy house, Dub music|dub. However, after some time the performer wanted to prove to be in a techno scene and began to write music under his real name. Igor's music is distinguished by an accurate rhythm, deep chords, dense character of sound and melody - which recognized by many Disc jockey|DJs and listeners worldwide. The discography of the performer contains some albums (Compact disc|CD) and Gramophone record|12" EPs released by several record labels since 2003 to present time. Igor uses various kinds of music equipment for writing tracks, but likely...
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